Friday, April 3, 2015

Bob Clouston owns Umstead. Jen Lebendig conquers Terrapin

Bob, at race finish with crew Marc Griffin and Christian Dahlhausen.

We have two great CAT reports to read from recent race finishes.

The first is Bob Clouston's report from the Umstead 100 mile Endurance Run. Bob finished his first 100-miler in a little over 26 hours, and aside from a down period during loop 6, had an amazingly strong race. You can read his race report here

The second report is from Jen Lebendig, who finished her first Terrapin Mountain 1/2 marathon week before last.
Jen, atop Terrapin Mountain (above) and with race
mementos (below).

Terrapin Half by Jen Lebendig
Watch everyone run away
Start climb
Give Horton my jacket
Settle into climbing rhythm
Wow this is pretty!
Arrive at Camping Gap, see Horton again.
Begin climb up Terrapin
Wtf kind of "hike" is this mountain?
My God it's beautiful!
Thank God I have poles
Start descent
Did I say, "Thank God I have poles"?
Down down down
Check in at AS 2
Climb back to trail
Hike, run, repeat
Wait for Anderson to catch me
Downhill, whee!
Fire road, whee!
Passed someone
See the finish
OMG I beat Anderson!
Most fun I've had in a LONG time.